Why Can’t I Taste With Dentures, But Can With Dental Implants?

Photo of a doctor holding and working on a clear jaw prosthesis with an implant in it.
While traditional dentures do give patients efficient new teeth that will allow them to smile and eat a wider variety of foods, they are not able to taste with them. With dental implants in Cedarhurst, NY, on the other hand, the patient will be able to taste everything that they eat and drink with them. Curious to learn why exactly people are not able to taste with traditional dentures, but can with dental implants? Continue reading to learn why people are able to taste with dental implants but are not able to with traditional dentures.

Why You Can't Taste With Traditional Dentures

One major reason why patients are not able to taste their foods and drinks with traditional dentures, is because they cover the palate (roof of the mouth), where many taste buds are located. The palate plays a critical role in the sense of taste, and when it is covered by the denture's base, it restricts the taste buds' direct contact with food and beverages. Traditional dentures significantly reduce the patient’s ability to fully taste flavors, especially the more subtle nuances of various foods. Also, denture creams and adhesives can alter the patient's taste sensation. Frequently described as a metallic taste, the overuse of creams and adhesives for traditional dentures can prevent the patient from tasting anything.

Why You Can Taste With Dental Implants In Cedarhurst, NY

Unlike with traditional dentures, patients can taste with dental implants. Patients can taste foods and beverages with dental implants because they do not cover the palate. This is because the dental implant post part of a dental implant structure is surgically placed into the patient's jawbone, where they serve as anchors for the prosthesis. The patient's palate remains unobstructed with the permanently placed dental implant post, allowing them to taste their foods and drinks. With dental implants, patients can enjoy a full range of flavors without any hindrance, making eating and drinking a more enjoyable and satisfying experience.

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