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How We Make Surgery Simple

One of the biggest breakthroughs in implant surgery is the development of dental implant guides. By using implant guides, we can more precisely place implants into the most ideal location of your jaw, thereby ensuring long-term success and patient safety. Guided implant surgery essentially removes all the guesswork from implant surgery. Virtually 90 percent of the actual work is already completed by the time you come into the office to have your implants placed! This leads to less time you have to sit in the dental chair, fewer appointments and the confidence knowing that you’re in safe hands.

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How Guided Implant Surgery Changed Dentistry

  • Improves precision during implant surgery
  • Guides depth, angle and position of tools
  • Results in more predictable outcomes
  • Less chair time while in surgery
  • Around 90 percent of treatment pre-planned
  • Customized care unique to you

What is a Surgical Guide?

A surgical guide is a physical mouthpiece that is placed over your jaw during surgery. This guide has openings that restrict the position and depth of implant placement to just what is necessary without any guesswork. We create this guide by capturing detailed information of your jaw, teeth and bone through intraoral scanners and high-definition cone beam CT scans. These technologies reveal the location of jaw nerves, the position of tooth roots and the amount of bone volume you have. Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch review this information to plan exactly where each implant needs to be placed. Then, a 3D printer is used to create the physical guide. On the day of surgery, this guide is placed just over your jaw for an ideal fit. Guided implant surgery is proven to be more accurate and successful than having implants placed freehand which is why all of our implant surgeries are fully guided.

  • Pairing techniques and technology to give you superior results with your dental treatments
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What Sets Us Apart

Our doctors are pioneers in implant dentistry and computer guided planning. Dr. Klein was one of the first to use implant guides back in 1999 where he holds multiple patents with the technology. He was a commercial leader in the development of guided technology, software and hardware as it relates to implant dentistry. Dr. Waltuch, in turn, believes that technology is more than just a useful tool, but that it enhances the patient experience as it relates to precision, performance and final results. With our practice specializing in prosthodontics and implantology, you can expect premier care when it comes to placing and restoring your dental implants.

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