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Don’t Live with an Unhealthy Smile

Having a painful or problem tooth is never comfortable, and when your teeth are beyond saving, we often have to resort to tooth extraction. While we will always do everything possible to save your teeth first, sometimes damage, decay or bone loss is too severe, and extraction is our only option. For many people who are experiencing tooth pain, the actual extraction of the tooth can instantly relieve them of the pain. At our New York area office, we offer timely tooth extractions and replacement with dental implants to get your mouth and smile back to health, function and beauty!

Contrary to popular belief, tooth extractions are actually a very common procedure. In fact, around 74 percent of adults have had a tooth extracted at some point in their lifetime. The reason you don’t see more people with incomplete smiles is that there are many options for replacement, including bridges, dentures and modern dental implants. We make the extraction process gentle by offering sedation options including local anesthetic to block sensations of discomfort. Many of our patients report that they only feel a slight pressure at the site of extraction and immediate relief afterward.

Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

  • Replace failing teeth with dental implants
  • Teeth damaged beyond saving
  • Severely infected or diseased teeth
  • Affected by advanced gum disease
  • Severe bone loss around teeth
extracted tooth Cedarhurst, NY
dental implant model Cedarhurst, NY

The Ideal Solution to Replace Teeth

When it comes to replacing a missing or extracted tooth, dental implants are considered the gold standard solution. They mimic both the function and look of your natural teeth, including the root and the crown. We can replace single extracted teeth, multiple teeth and even provide you with full arch dental implants for those who need to remove all their teeth for brand new ones. And at our office, Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch offer both tooth extraction and replacement with an implant in the very same day! This means you will never have to go a single day without a complete, functioning smile. For those who have suffered bone loss, we can even restore the lost tissue with a bone graft so you can qualify for implant placement. And once your dental implant is in place, our in-house lab can create a beautiful crown for your new tooth!

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