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Replacing Teeth in the “Aesthetic Zone”

The teeth that show when you smile are commonly called your “aesthetic zone” teeth. This area of the mouth is highly sensitive because any flaws are highly visible. Even restoring and replacing teeth in the aesthetic zone is challenging because any miscalculations or mistakes can be very apparent. However, if you have damaged or missing teeth in this area, don’t worry! Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch are an experienced prosthodontics and implantology team that excel in these challenging cases. At our New York area office we offer comprehensive implant services utilizing our advanced technology, doctor’s experience and education as well as our state-of-the-art in-house dental lab. From the materials we use, the techniques we employ and our unwavering dedication, your aesthetic zone teeth will look their very best!

Implants in the aesthetic zone Cedarhurst, NY

Why This is a Complex Procedure

Choosing a skilled team of doctors for your dental implant treatment is important to ensure they are placed successfully and aesthetically. The teeth must be angled properly within your jawbone to ensure they look natural and fit seamlessly within your smile. If the implant is placed too far forward in the bone, the implant post may be visible through the gums, while an implant too far back may give your tooth a sunken-in appearance. Similarly, improperly angled implants or dental crowns can result in an unnatural or crooked appearance in the smile. And since these teeth are often visible, you need to choose a team dedicated to their craft and committed to the appearance of your smile.

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  • Dr. Klein and Dr. Waltuch

How We Make a Difference

  • Experienced prosthodontist and dentist team
  • Dedicated to aesthetic results
  • In-house lab for ideal restoration creation
  • Advanced technology for precise results
  • Over three decades of experience

Combining Skill and Technology

When performing such a delicate procedure, utilizing the latest in advanced dental technology makes a tremendous difference. We capture the shape, structure and position of your teeth utilizing 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanners and the RAYSCAN cone beam CT scanner. We use the information provided by these devices to create custom dental implant guides that assure each implant post is placed in the ideal angle, position and depth for long-term success. We then use 3D printing, designing software and our in-house lab to fabricate a natural-looking crown that matches your smile. By combining all this technology with our three decades of experience, we can give you back your smile, even in this complex region of the mouth.

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