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Dental Implants Without the Wait

Replace Your Teeth in One Day

Patients with failing teeth that need to be removed are often afraid to move forward with dental treatment because they worry about the struggle and embarrassment of living without teeth for some time. When you are missing teeth, you may find it difficult to speak or eat. Bridges or dentures are often quick solutions, but far from long-term ideal ones. Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch offer immediate dental implants—a solution for those who need to replace failing teeth quickly and for the long-term. When providing immediate dental implants, we can extract any remaining teeth, place a dental implant in its stead, and restore that implant with a lifelike crown or bridge prosthesis all in the same day!

immediate implants Cedarhurst, NY

The Benefits of Immediate Dental Implants

  • Teeth the same day as surgery
  • Never go a day without a complete smile
  • Full biting and chewing function
  • Attractive and natural looking
  • Single, multiple and full arch options

How We Do It

We can provide immediate dental implants with the help of advanced technology and Drs. Klein and Waltuch’s vast dental experience. Through digital imaging with intraoral and cone beam CT scanners, we can capture highly detailed information on your jaw structure. This helps us pre-plan your treatment to identify where implants will be placed and assists us in creating a dental implant guide for precise surgical placement. We will also create your implant restoration in our dental lab before your surgery date. So, when you come in for your dental implant, almost 90 percent of the work is already finished! We will provide you with sedation (IV sedation for those who need it), extract any remaining teeth, place implants with the surgical guide, and restore the tooth with the dental crown we prepared ahead of time all during one appointment!

dental implant Cedarhurst, NY

Our doctors have over three decades of experience with Dr. Klein being a certified and trained prosthodontist and Dr. Waltuch completing extensive aesthetic dentistry programs at NYU. Our practice is specialized in dental implants and prosthodontics, meaning that virtually every procedure we perform is related to restoring and replacing missing or failed teeth. When you schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your smile goals, our doctors will establish if you qualify for immediate dental implants. We can offer this immediate service for single, multiple and full arch dental implant cases so that you will never need to go without teeth.

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