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A Higher Level of Care

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A higher level of care

  • Pairing techniques and technology to give you superior results with your dental treatments

Raising the Bar with Modern Technology

Dentistry, like medicine as a whole, is always discovering something new: a more minimally invasive procedure, a faster technique with shorter recovery time or a completely new approach to care. In many cases, technology is what stands in between a patient in pain and a long-term successful outcome. Committed to staying up to date on the latest in dental technology, Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch invest and implement the latest in dentistry to better serve you and all our patients in the New York area. Our practice is one of the most advanced and modern in the entire country and our doctors lecture around the world on the importance of technology in implant dentistry. Dr. Klein was one of the pioneers of implant dentistry, working to build software for  guided implant surgery and currently holding five patents in the field. Dr. Waltuch believes that by integrating technology into treatments, it enhances performance and quality of dental outcomes. When you choose our practice, you can expect to receive modern care with results that benefit from our deep dedication to modern technology.

Our Advanced Dental Technology

Our cone beam CT scanner allows us to capture highly detailed images of your mouth, including the position of nerves, tooth roots and the volume of jaw bone. We use this information to create treatment plans for your procedures.

Intraoral scanners allow us to make digital impressions of your teeth and bite. Using a simple handheld device, we can instantly capture images that are displayed on a monitor for both you and Drs. Klein and Waltuch to see.

Our implant studio software allows us to digitally plan implant cases. This gives us more predictable planning, smoother workflow and allows us to even perform same-day implant dentistry in some cases.

With restorative design software, we can create your restorations digitally while you wait. This means you won’t have to wear temporary teeth or come back for a follow up appointment as your new teeth can be designed and milled in one day.

Ceramill is our in-house laboratory, able to fabricate your crowns and bridges in a short amount of time. This allows us to create your natural looking teeth the same day as your appointment, so you won’t have to come back for a follow up.

Our 3D printer is used to help our team create physical guides as part of a treatment plan. These guides can be used during dental implant placement to remove virtually all guesswork from the procedure, guiding us to the exact location, angle and depth for proper implant placement.

Used often during sinus lift bone grafting or any time bone needs to be cut, PIEZOSURGERY uses ultrasonic vibrations that don’t harm soft tissue. This allows our team to access sensitive areas of the mouth without risk of injury.

PRGF is a technique that utilizes plasma gained from your own body to help soft tissue heal. Since it uses your own plasma, there is no risk of rejection or contamination. The PRGF integrates with your natural healing, promoting faster and more successful results.

Laser dentistry has revolutionized dental care. No longer do you need to have your soft tissue surgery performed with scalpels and sutures. Our laser is able to gently and quickly perform treatments with minimal bleeding and discomfort.


Ceramill advanced technology Cedarhurst, NY
advanced technology equipment Cedarhurst, NY

Giving You the Care You Deserve

No practice in the New York area combines this level of technology in order to offer patients a higher standard of care. Due to this investment in our facility, we can better prepare patients before treatments, ensure accurate and safe procedures and enhance the healing time afterward. Technology allows us to have better control over the patient outcome and ensures that your results are just what you expect. We often combine our leading technology with our in-house dental lab to give patients quicker and more accurate treatments. Everything we create is done with our doctors controlling the outcome through our advanced dental technology. Everything we create is done in-house with our doctors controlling the outcome through the help of our advanced dental technology.

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