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Jawbone Loss and What to Do

The Importance of the Jawbone

Your jawbone is more important than many people think. It provides support for your teeth and structure to your face, as well as allows you to bite and chew. Patients who suffer from lack of bone begin to lose these functions we take for granted every day. Bone loss can occur from a variety of reasons, both in and out of your control. And while the effect of bone loss may be gradual, your body does not rebuild lost bone without direct guidance from a dental professional like Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch. We offer solutions to prevent bone loss and to rebuild lost bone so that you can have a healthy, functional jaw again.



Common Causes of Bone Loss

jawbone Cedarhurst, NY
Bone Loss Cedarhurst, NY

How Bone Loss Affects You

When you are affected by bone loss in your jaw, oral function and quality of life is drastically impacted. As you lose bone, your facial appearance can change, causing a sunken in and aged appearance. This can even make you appear many years older than you actually are! In addition, your teeth are affected by lack of bone—they lose support and can begin to shift within the jaw or even fall out entirely. For some people bone loss can cause trouble eating and TMJ disorder as the jaw becomes thinner and more brittle. The best way to prevent or correct these concerns is to rebuild the jawbone and adequately stimulate the bone for continued growth. Our practice offers bone grafting and dental implants as solutions to do just that.

Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration Cedarhurst, NY

Modern Solutions

If you are affected by jawbone deterioration or loss, you are not in a hopeless situation. Drs. Klein and Waltuch are skilled in the dental treatments necessary to restore your mouth to a healthy state. We offer the S.M.A.R.T.™ bone grafting technique that is a minimally invasive way to place and restore lost bone with minimal surgery. Once bone has been restored, replacing any missing teeth with dental implants can preserve the foundation and keep the jaw healthy. Implants mimic the root and crown of a tooth, and with the implant stimulating the jawbone, it will continue to grow and support the teeth and mouth as a whole. With our innovative techniques and modern technology, we can get you back to a healthy oral condition.

We Have Your Solution to Bone Loss.

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