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What to Expect from Dental Implant Surgery

Streamlined and Simple Full-Service Implant Dentistry

Receiving dental implants can be a life-changing experience. Those suffering from tooth loss or a failing smile may see immediate and significant changes in their daily lives as well as their health in the long-run. But when it comes to the surgery and treatment process, many find it to be daunting at first. Having a team you can trust and the technology to streamline your treatment from start to finish will make all the difference in your overall experience and your results.

Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch believe in educating our patients and being as open and transparent about their treatments as possible, right from the beginning. At Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration, we can complete the entire procedure, from the first consultation to finalization of the dental crowns, in our state-of-the-art office. And, whether you have one missing tooth or a full arch of missing teeth, we offer everything from immediate single dental implants to full mouth dental implants restored in the same day. With two clinicians dedicated to implant dentistry, including a prosthodontist, along with our in-house dental lab, we offer high-quality dental implants in the New York area and an experience you likely won’t find anywhere else.

Three steps to a complete smile

  • 1 - Consultation and Surgical Planning
  • 2 - Dental Implant Surgery
  • 3 - Restoring Your Final Smile

Our streamlined dental implant process

1. Consultation and Digital Planning

Every dental implant procedure begins with a personalized consultation with our doctors. After capturing high-quality, 3D images of your mouth using our cone beam CT scanner, we’ll be able to offer a truly customized treatment plan. We’ll then discuss your unique needs, wants and smile goals before determining which restorative solution is best for you. Since our digital imaging captures detailed images of your oral structures, we get a look at the density of your jawbone, position of nerves and other tooth roots. These images, along with cutting-edge implant surgical software, are used to pre-plan each step of your surgery. Before your next visit, we’ll create a computer-generated implant guide to improve the overall accuracy, safety and treatment time when placing your dental implants.

2. Dental Implant Surgery

Some patients may require one or more treatments before receiving dental implants. In many cases, these procedures can be completed in the same appointment as your surgery to eliminate return visits. We offer extractions of failing teeth, bone grafting and gum disease treatment. Beginning implant treatment with a healthy mouth is essential to ensure the long-term success of your dental implants. Once your smile is ready, we’ll use surgical guides crafted right here in our office to ensure each dental implant is placed in the jawbone in the proper location, depth and angle, without room for error. Although only local sedation is required for implant surgery, we also offer customized sedation options, including IV sedation to put your fears to rest and even let you sleep through your surgery. In most cases before you leave, we’ll place a new tooth or set of teeth to complete your smile. Our same day dental implant solutions eliminate the need for you to go another day without teeth!

3. Your Final Restoration

As your treatment site heals around your implants, you’ll continue to use your initial lifelike and functional restoration. In the meantime, our in-house team, including our skilled prosthodontist, will create your final crown, bridge or full arch of teeth. Using scans captured by our intraoral scanner, your final restoration will not only be perfectly fixed to your dental implant(s) but will seamlessly blend with the rest of your smile. After allowing time for your jawbone to heal and form a long-term and reliable bond with your dental implants, you’ll return to our office to receive this final restoration. With proper care, you can expect your natural-looking and reliable dental implants to last a lifetime.

Leading Implant Dentists for Over Three Decades

When you choose Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration, you are working with New York area’s leading dental implant doctors. Our team has been providing exceptional dental implant care for over three decades and has completed multiple advanced implant residencies. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology in order to provide patients with safe, predictable care and implants that can offer a lifetime of reliable function and aesthetics.

Drs. Klein and Waltuch are pioneers in guided implant dentistry. Adopting and implementing this cutting-edge treatment early on, they strive to ensure patients receive safe, accurate care any way they can. No matter what your implant needs are, our team can offer you everything from the most intricately planned implants in the aesthetic zone to complex full mouth dental implant solutions. With everything performed in-house, you’ll enjoy gentle care from a team you know and trust, from start to finish.

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