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Giving You New Teeth in One Day

A fear for many when it comes to replacing failing teeth with dental implants is that they will be toothless for some time during the process. At Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration, we can ensure that you never go a single day without teeth thanks to our teeth-in-a-day solution and in-house dental lab! Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch can remove teeth, place a dental implant and restore it with a natural-looking crown all in the same appointment. We are proud to offer this service for many of our patients, from individual implants to even cases where we replace your entire mouth with new teeth. Our skills as a prosthodontist and dentist along with an in-house dental lab make our teeth-in-a-day technique a truly unique service to the New York area.

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Why Choose Teeth-in-a-Day

  • Never go a day without teeth
  • Natural-looking and functional crowns
  • Replace any number of teeth in a day
  • Teeth created in-house
  • Unique to you and your smile
Dr Waltuch work in the in-house lab Cedarhurst, NY
  • Dr. Waltuch working in the Advanced Implant Dentistry in-house lab

Our In-House Dental Lab

Having our own in-house dental lab gives us more control to manage your treatments; we’re able to be hands-on during the mock-up, construction and finalization stages of your restorations. When providing you with teeth-in-a-day, we typically begin with a virtual mock-up of your restoration in order to tailor it to your mouth and to complement your smile aesthetics. We can then create a natural-looking and comfortable temporary prosthesis. On the day of your treatment, you will be fitted with this temporary prosthesis, so you never have to go without teeth. Most of our patients find these temporaries to look, feel and function like real teeth but while you go about your daily life, we are working behind the scenes to create your finalized smile. Once you have fully healed, you’ll return to receive your final prosthesis, a smile made unique to you that can last for many years to come.

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Dedicated to Patient Comfort

Drs. Klein and Waltuch choose to offer teeth-in-a-day to help our patients feel and look their best as soon as possible. We know that dental care can make some patients apprehensive especially when it comes to removing and replacing teeth, but by offering teeth-in-a-day we can give you a painless, comfortable and attractive new smile—all in the same day! Both Drs. Klein and Waltuch have a passion for aesthetics and use this approach to dentistry and implantology to help patients feel and look their very best. For those who may be worried about discomfort during their procedures, we offer soothing sedation options, including IV sedation. Combining sedation with teeth-in-a-day, we can give you a dental experience unlike any other!

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  • Dr. Waltuch speaking to a comforted patient

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