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What is IV Sedation?

Patients who are undergoing surgery are often worried about pain or are fearful of being awake through the experience. Dental anxiety and fear are very common, but we have solutions to help you get through your treatments and back to proper health. Drs. Michael Klein and Allon Waltuch offer sedation dentistry to help put you at ease so that you can get the treatments you need. Our team is also trained and certified in advanced IV sedation—the ultimate in soothing dentistry. If you are worried about visiting the dentist or have a big procedure coming up, consider talking to our team about sedation dentistry!

IV sedation is an advanced form of sedation dentistry that provides patients a calming and pain-free experience. Sedatives are administered directly into the patient’s veins, making the calming effect quick to act and very potent. Often used during advanced surgical treatments like full arch dental implants or for those who experience extreme dental anxiety, IV sedation can get patients through treatment easily. Our New York Area doctors are certified to administer IV sedation safely and you will be monitored throughout the entire procedure. For most patients, they remember very little of their treatment, and most even sleep through their entire surgery, waking up to a beautiful, healthy new smile!

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Additional Sedation Options

IV sedation is typically only used for extensive or complex treatments or for those who have high dental anxiety. So, for most other treatments, we have a variety of sedation options that we can use to cater to your specific needs. Our doctors offer oral sedation, nitrous oxide and local anesthetic and will discuss which options are best for you during your consultation before treatment. Oral sedation puts patients into a sleepy, relaxed state and will require them to have a trusted friend or family member with them before and after treatment. Nitrous oxide is a fast-acting gas that allows patients to become calm yet in control of themselves, and once the gas is turned off, they will quickly return to normal. Local anesthetic is commonly used in most dental treatments and often in conjunction with other sedation options. The anesthetic blocks sensations of pain or discomfort and is localized to just where your treatments are being performed.

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