Which Dental Procedures Commonly Require IV Sedation In Cedarhurst, NY?

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When people have dental anxiety, want to avoid going to a dental professional's practice all together, have a sensitive gag reflex, and/ or have a low threshold for pain, then they will want to be administered sedation dentistry. Luckily, at a skilled and trusted dental professional's practice, people's dental anxiety and pain can be specifically remedied with IV sedation in Cedarhurst, NY, a quality sedation dentistry option. While patients could also get administered with oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and local anesthetic, along with IV sedation, IV sedation will give the patient the most desired results. Which dental procedures, however, commonly require the patient to administered with IV sedation? Continue reading to learn about which procedures commonly require IV sedation.

The Dental Procedures That Commonly Require IV Sedation In Cedarhurst, NY

IV sedation will need to be administered to patients for many types of dental procedures. It is typically used, however, for extensive or complex dental procedures, or for those who have high dental anxiety. Specifically, IV sedation will need to be administered to patients getting treated with dental implants, full mouth dental implants, full mouth reconstructions, and sinus lift bone grafting procedures. The following explains in more detail why IV sedation will need to be used on patient's before they can get treated with these types of dental procedures.

Dental Implants:

Dental implant procedures are lengthy appointments because precisely placing them is an invasive process. Administering IV sedation to patients, for their dental implant procedures, is not only helpful in alleviating their dental anxiety, it is also helpful in ensuring that they remain still and comfortable throughout their procedure. IV sedation puts patients in a deeper state of relaxation, which is particularly beneficial when multiple implants are being placed in their mouth.

Full Mouth Dental Implants:

When people have a full arch of missing teeth, they will need to get those teeth replaced in an extensive full mouth dental implant procedure. Because a full mouth dental implant procedure is an extensive process, the patient will need to be administered with sedation dentistry first to maintain their comfort and alleviate any dental anxiety they may have. IV sedation ensures that patients are in a deeply relaxed state during their procedure, allowing the dental professional to more efficiently place the full mouth dental implants.

Full Mouth Reconstructions:

Full mouth reconstructions include various dental procedures (dental implants, dental veneers, bridges, tooth crowns, and tooth extractions) combined to completely restore the function and aesthetics of the patient's teeth and gums. Due to the complexity and duration of these procedures, IV sedation is frequently administered to ensure that the patient remains calm and comfortable throughout the entire treatment process. IV sedation allows patients to have a more controlled and pain-free full mouth reconstruction experience, which is vital in enabling the completion of multiple procedures in one visit.

Sinus Lift Bone Grafting:

Sinus lift bone grafting is an advanced dental procedure that is required when there is an insufficient amount of bone density in the patient's upper jaw, or their sinuses are too close to the jaw, to properly support dental implants. During a sinus lift procedure, bone graft material is added to the area between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses to encourage bone growth. IV sedation is commonly utilized in these types of dental procedures to eliminate any discomfort or anxiety the patient may have, due to the nature of each specific treatment. The precise administration of IV sedation allows patients to remain extremely relaxed throughout their dental surgery, which can be particularly lengthy, giving them a smoother and more comfortable procedure experience.

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