The Benefits To Getting Teeth-In-A-Day In Cedarhurst, NY

a picture of a full mouth dental implant model for a Teeth-In-A-Day procedure. the dental implant posts are shown where the temporary prosthesis is being secured to the patients jawbone.

Have a full arch of damaged or missing teeth that need to be immediately replaced? Teeth-In-A-Day in Cedarhurst, NY, could be the right procedure to remedy this issue. This innovative procedure helps patients get a full set of teeth in just one day, replacing teeth with a fully functioning temporary prosthetic.

There are many benefits to getting treated with Teeth-In-A-Day, including faster treatment times and improved comfort for the patient. Continue reading to find out what the other benefits to getting Teeth-In-A-Day are.


What Are The Benefits Of Getting Teeth-In-A-Day In Cedarhurst, NY?

When people with a full arch of missing or damaged teeth get Teeth-In-A-Day, it can be very beneficial to their smile. Specifically, the benefits of getting this advanced procedure include:

  • Natural-looking and functional crowns
  • Replaces teeth in one day
  • The temporary prosthesis is created in-house
  • It is customized to every patient’s smile

With Teeth-In-A-Day, patients will be able to get a whole new smile in one day that will allow them to eat the foods they want, talk comfortably, and smile confidently. By going to a trusted doctor, patients can rest assured knowing that they will be getting treated with advanced technologies and techniques that will give them a long-lasting new smile.

What Happens During A Teeth-In-A-Day Procedure?

After a virtual mock-up of the patient’s smile has been made, and sedation dentistry has been administered, the high-quality doctor can begin the Teeth-In-A-Day procedure process. Using guided implant surgery for precise and accurate dental implant placement, the doctor can strategically place the dental implants into the patient’s jawbone.

Once the dental implants are securely in place, the comfortable and natural looking temporary prosthesis can be placed, giving the patient a beautiful new smile in one appointment. While the patient lives their normal life with their natural looking, feeling, and functional temporary prosthesis, the caring dental office works to create their final prosthesis.

When the patient is fully healed, thy can return to the office for their final prosthesis. Through the entire treatment process, patients never have to go a day without teeth with Teeth-In-A-Day.


Get Your Teeth-In-A-Day Procedure With Us

There’s no reason to go one more day without a wonderful smile. If you have a full mouth of missing or damaged teeth, you don’t have to be concerned that you will have to wait to have a functional and beautiful smile again with Teeth-In-A-Day. Don’t hesitate to transform your smile now. Get in contact with Dr. Allon Waltuch and our exceptional team at our Advanced Implant Dentistry & Oral Restoration office to schedule an appointment today!

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