How Does Bone Grafting for Dental Implants Work?

Bone Grafting
Dental Implants require a recipient to have a sufficient amount of bone to be present in order to install properly. Specifically, when it comes to the installation of dental implants they need to be directly inserted into the patient’s jawbone and are intended to replace the root of the tooth so it’s important that there is enough bone present to secure the dental implant so it can heal and fuse to the bone. In some cases bone grafting is the best option in order to make dental implant installation possible.

Obtaining Graft Tissue
The graft tissue is obtained from other parts of the body such as the shin, hip, or the chin. If this is not possible then a donor may be required. Once the tissue source is identified bone grafting can begin.

What To Expect?
During bone grafting treatment you can expect to be given anesthesia and the graft tissue will then be applied directly to the bone. Then the incision will be sutured allowing your jaw to naturally heal.

When it comes to the recovery process your doctor will prescribe antibiotics after your bone grafting surgery to help reduce the risk of developing an infection, and you’ll only experience minor discomfort.

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