How Do Tooth Extractions Help Me In My Dental Implant Procedure In Cedarhurst, NY?

a picture of a patients smile showing where her extracted tooth in her lower arch has been replaced by a dental implant post for her dental implant procedure.

After getting their teeth extracted, patients may need dental implants in Cedarhurst, NY to restore the look and function of their smile. Dealing with tooth loss and its impact on a person’s overall look, self-confidence, and ability to eat, speak, and chew can be a huge issue. Fortunately, dental implants are a great tooth restoration procedure that can replace missing and extracted teeth for years to come.

Continue reading to learn how tooth extractions can help patients get the dental implant procedure they need and deserve.


Why May Teeth Need To Be Extracted Before A Dental Implant Procedure?

When people have problematic or failing teeth, they may need to have them extracted before they can cause them more problems. Problematic and failing teeth may include painful teeth that are infected or damaged teeth. If people do not extract these infected or failing teeth, patients can end up with a painful and un-functional smile.

The sooner a person’s problematic or failing teeth are extracted, the sooner they can get treated with life-changing dental implants.

Why Do I Need To Replace My Extracted Teeth With Dental Implants?

Patients need to replace their extracted teeth with dental implants in Cedarhurst, NY in order to preserve their jawbone health. After a tooth is extracted, the persons jawbone is not being stimulated by a tooth root. When the tooth root is stimulating the jawbone, it is making it healthy and strong. Without a tooth root to stimulate the jawbone, people may have resorption in the jaw.

Although patients can go for a bone grafting procedure if they begin to experience jawbone loss, they could prevent this from happening if they immediately replace their extracted teeth with dental implants. A dental implant has a dental implant post that acts like a natural tooth root that stimulates the jawbone. When the dental implant post is stimulating the jawbone, the patients jawbone becomes strong and healthy.

Once the dental implant post is securely and strategically placed in a patient’s jawbone, the abutment can be placed on top. An abutment is what attaches the prosthesis or crown to the dental implant post. Once the final customized prosthesis or crown is cemented into place, the patient can live life comfortably and with restored dental functionality. Replacing extracted teeth with dental implants allow patient to eat, speak, and smile with ease again.


Need Your Teeth Extracted Before Getting Dental Implants? We Can Help

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