Does An In-House Dental Lab Help Me Get Teeth-In-A-Day In Cedarhurst, NY?

an image of a woman with teeth-in-a-day in Cedarhurst, NY.
Have missing teeth and are afraid of being toothless after getting a restorative dental implant procedure? When people with missing teeth go to a skilled and trusted dental professional’s office, the in-house dental lab will be used to treat patients with teeth-in-a-day in Cedarhurst, NY.  Here is more information on how the in-house dental lab is used to treat patients with teeth-in-a-day so that the look and function of their smile is restored for years to come.  

How Does The In-House Dental Lab Help Patients Get Teeth-In-A-Day In Cedarhurst, NY?

    Having an in-house dental lab for teeth-in-a-day procedures allows the dental professional to have more control in managing the patient’s treatments and be hands-on in creating the custom-made prosthesis. The teeth-in-a-day procedure begins with the dental professional making a virtual mock-up of the patient’s restoration so they can tailor it to their mouth and compliment their smile aesthetics.   The dental professional can then create a natural-looking and comfortable temporary prosthesis. On the day of the patient’s teeth-in-a-day surgery, they will be fitted with this temporary prosthesis so that they never have to go without teeth. The temporary prosthesis is made to look, feel, and function like natural teeth. When the final prosthesis is made and ready, the patient can get their temporary prosthesis replaced with a long-lasting final prosthesis.  

How Does Teeth-In-A-Day Benefit My Smile?

  There are numerous ways teeth-in-a-day can benefit a patient’s smile. The following are the specific ways teeth-in-a-day can benefit a patient’s smile:
  • Get new teeth the day of surgery
  • The prosthesis is made to be natural-looking and functional
  • Any number of teeth can be replaced in a day
  • The patient’s new teeth are created in-house
  • Patients get a personalized new smile with teeth-in-a-day
The teeth-in-a-day procedure can benefit a patient’s smile in so many ways because the dental professionals in-house dental lab give patients the exact new smile that they need and deserve.  

See Us Now So We Can Upgrade Your Smile With Teeth-In-A-Day

  When you come to our advanced and caring office, we will give you a brand-new smile in just one day with teeth-in-a-day. The teeth-in-a-day procedure can give you the exact new smile of your dreams in a single day, because we create it with our in-house dental lab. With teeth-in-a-day you will be able to resume your normal diet, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. The best part is, your new smile is made to last a long time.   Don’t hesitate to get treated with our restorative teeth-in-a-day procedure. Get in contact with Dr. Allon Waltuch, Dr. Michael Klein, and our exceptional team at our Advanced Implant Dentistry & Oral Restoration office to schedule an appointment today!

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