Dental Implants: The Permanent Solution

Dental Implants
Many people suffer from missing teeth whether it be from accidental trauma, from getting older, or from poor oral health. However, when you do experience missing teeth it’s important to seek dental treatment in the form of dental implants in order to get these missing teeth corrected this is because your missing teeth overtime can cause some other issues within your mouth. When you have missing teeth overtime the bone that was once supporting these teeth will begin to deteriorate and this changes the structure of your jaw overtime. This will also cause you to experience a change in the way that you bite and chew food. Essentially, if left untreated missing teeth will cause you to experience a decrease in your quality of life. 

Missing Teeth And A Loss of Jawbone
If you are experiencing missing teeth and it is left untreated overtime your jawbone will begin to suffer. In other words, if you have missing teeth overtime your bone that once supported these missing teeth will begin to deteriorate which will then cause your jawbone to deteriorate and shift. While the shift may only be slight it can still have a significant impact on your facial structure. If your jawbone has started to shift, then the shape of your face will shift causing your face to have a sunken appearance.

An Inability To Eat Certain Foods
If the bones in your mouth start to deteriorate causing your jawbone to deteriorate and shift this will start to affect the types of food that you can eat, and overtime it will cause the way you bite or chew to be affected. In addition, you will find yourself experiencing dietary restrictions because you can no longer chew or bite down into certain types of food. This can also majorly decrease your quality of life.

Schedule A Dental Implant Consultation
If you are in need of dental implants because you are suffering from missing teeth and the deterioration of the bone in your mouth has caused you to develop dietary restrictions, then schedule a dental implant consultation with our office. Our doctor can examine your mouth and answer your dental implant questions.  

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