Cedarhurst, NY Prosthodontist, Dr. Michael Klein, Publishes Research Article on Bone Changes with Dental Implants

Summary: Experienced prosthodontist in Cedarhurst, NY, Dr. Michael Klein, recently published a peer-reviewed research article in the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry analyzing bone changes in 50 patients, one to four years after placing dental implants. Cedarhurst, NY—Dr. Michael Klein, a skilled prosthodontist in Cedarhurst, NY, recently published peer-reviewed clinical research titled “Marginal Bone Changes on Ultraclean, Micro-Threaded Platform-Switched Implants Following Restoration: 1- to 4-Year Data” in the esteemed Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. Standards for adequate bone levels before implant placement as well as bone loss after placement may need to be reconsidered now that dental implant technology has evolved. This retrospective study on changes in bone levels surrounding dental implants showed positive results, with 30 percent of implant surfaces demonstrating bone improvement and 62 percent with bone maintenance following restoration. The Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry is an established leader in delivering groundbreaking articles on modern techniques and research like that of Dr. Klein. The objective of his clinical study was to evaluate bone level changes in the years following the placement of the Paltop Implant System dental implants, as well as analyze factors influencing these changes. In 87 dental implants placed in 50 patients, Dr. Klein and his peers analyzed radiographs in the one to four years following implant placement, abutment insertion, and functional loading. They specifically evaluated and graded mesial and distal surfaces, recording bone improvement, bone maintenance, and bone loss across 174 surfaces. The evaluations of bone levels were in relation to implant type, width, and length, placement into healed bone and extraction sockets, immediate provisionalization, abutment type, and restoration type. The conclusion of the study showed that of the 87 dental implants placed, 30 percent of implant surfaces had bone improvement, 62 percent had bone maintenance, and only eight percent had bone decrease, but at a maximum of 1mm. This put 100 percent of the implants within the requirements for successful bone maintenance after abutment insertion and restoration loading. Dr. Klein is extensively published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, in addition to speaking nationally and internationally on prosthodontics and oral implantology and co-authoring the book Atlas of Oral Implantology. A Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry, he has pioneered state-of-the-art technology used in computer-guided implant surgery and holds numerous issued and pending patents for similar technologies. Dr. Klein has limited his practice, Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration, to prosthodontics and oral implantology where he provides innovative treatments along with his associate Dr. Allon Waltuch. Drs. Klein and Waltuch continuously provide personalized prosthodontic and dental implant care using the most advanced technologies and techniques to ensure clinical success and outstanding results for every patient. Patients interested in learning more about the services and treatments offered at Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration, including dental implants, can contact this respected prosthodontist in Cedarhurst, NY. Appointments can be made by calling 516-665-1249 or visiting www.advancedimplantsli.com. About the Practice Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration has provided cutting-edge dental care to Cedarhurst, NY since 1989. Dr. Michael Klein is the Director of Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration in Cedarhurst, New York and has pioneered the technology used in computer-guided dental implant surgery. A prosthodontist, Dr. Klein completed specialized training in restoring complete function and esthetics to patients’ smiles. Dr. Allon Waltuch received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, his fellowship in Oral Implantology, and his certification for Esthetic Dentistry from New York University. Drs. Klein and Waltuch value state-of-the-art technology that allows them to treat patients with precision, accuracy, and the highest quality results. As a result, Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration has an in-house lab offering the most innovative technology in dentistry and providing patients with the ability to complete treatment in just one day. To learn more about Drs. Klein and Waltuch and the services offered at Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration, call the office at 516-665-1249 or visit their website at www.advancedimplantsli.com.

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