Are There Factors That Determine Which Type Of Dental Implant Procedure I Can Get Treated With?

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Dental implants in Cedarhurst, NY are a safe and effective way to replace missing or damaged teeth. They are a permanent tooth replacement option that can help people restore their smile and give them back the confidence to speak, eat, and smile without worry.

People can get treated with single dental implants, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants. There are factors that determine which type of dental implant procedure people get treated with. Continue reading to learn more about the factors that determine which type of dental implant option people can get treated with.

What Are The Factors That Determine Which Type Of Dental Implant Procedure I Can Get Treated With?

The number of dental implants in Cedarhurst, NY people need largely depends on the number of teeth they are missing. If people are missing just one tooth, a single dental implant is all that is needed. When people are missing multiple teeth, or are tired of wearing traditional dentures, then they will want to replace those teeth with implant supported dentures.

For those missing all teeth in their upper or lower jaw, full mouth dental implants will be able to restore their smile for years to come. By going to a skilled and trusted doctor, people can get the dental implant procedure option they need and deserve.

How Does Each Dental Implant Option Restore My Smile?

No matter how many teeth people are missing, each dental implant procedure option can restore their smile for years to come. The following is how each type of dental implant in Cedarhurst, NY can restore people’s smiles.

Single Dental Implants:

Single dental implants are used when only one tooth is missing or needs replacement. This involves the insertion of a single titanium dental implant into the patient’s jawbone, giving them a strong and stable foundation. Once the dental implant fully integrates with the patient’s jawbone, a custom-made crown, which matches the color and shape of the patient’s natural teeth, is placed on top.


Single dental implants enable patients to eat, speak, and smile with ease and confidence.

Implant Supported Dentures:

Implant supported dentures are dentures that are anchored to and supported by two or more dental implants. Because they are securely attached to dental implants, implant supported dentures stay firmly in place in the patient’s mouth, eliminating the possibility of them slipping or causing discomfort.

Full Mouth Dental Implants:

Full mouth dental implants are designed to replace all the teeth in one or both of the patient’s arches. This full arch tooth replacement option uses four or more dental implants to stabilize and secure a full arch prosthesis. The dental implants used in a full mouth dental implant procedure (and all dental implant options) preserve the bone density in a patient’s jaw, maintaining the integrity of their facial structures and appearance.

With proper care and maintenance, full mouth dental implants can last a lifetime, letting patients eat the foods they want, speak in comfort, and smile with ease.

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