All About Implant Pricing

All About Implant Pricing

The most “hush hush” detail about dental implants is their price. Patients tend to steer clear of dental implants because they are terrified of breaking the bank. Many times, if you ask a patient about dental implants, they are interested in the procedure, but they do not know what to expect as far as money. Unfortunately, many patients are not clear on what is included and what is an additional cost when it comes to the procedure.

It is important to understand that the dental implants procedure comes at many different price points. Every patient is different, which means every dental implant treatment plan is going to be designed differently from one person to the next. Dental implants are uniquely made to fit your mouth and created for your perfect bite and smile, so no cost is going to be exact. There are many different factors that play into the price of the procedure. Here are some things to think about and know before the price of implants scares you off.

  1. Dental implants are created uniquely for you, so if you need to replace one tooth the price will be very different than a full mouth reconstruction. The price comes from the material itself and the time it takes for the procedure, so one tooth is going to be significantly less than a full set of teeth.
  2. If you need surgery prior to the implant surgery, more fees will be included. Other surgeries that are common before dental implants are placed include bone grafting and soft tissue grafting. Both of these surgeries are done before the implant is placed so the implant stays secure and permanent.
  3. Price point is based differently for every doctor. This being said, there is a general minimum of a good implant procedure. You want to ensure if something is being placed in the body, the materials are held to the highest standard. If an implant price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are curious on any other factors that play into the dental implant pricing, you should contact your doctor and their team of specialists. The best idea would be to go in for a consultation, so your dentist can see what they are working with in the oral cavity. After the consultation, they will be more apt to letting you know what your cost is looking like and will be able to provide you with any other details.

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